a good day to learn from the best: exclusive advice for doctors in training and young graduates

The years ahead you’ll spend studying to become a medical professional are no doubt a big commitment. And while you’re devoting countless hours to learning the ins and outs of the profession, you’ll soon realise just how important practice and experience are to the overall process.

With our exceptional calibre of clients, many of who are well established surgeons and medical specialists in their fields, we are delighted to present our exclusive video titled, “if only you knew then what you know now…”. It’s a wonderful collection of personal and professional advice from doctors and surgeons, looking back on many years of study and successful progression through their chosen fields of specialty.

There’s nothing better than hearing directly from those who have gone through the process, built practices from the ground up and have gained knowledge that can only be obtained through years of hard work and experience.

Just a few things you’ll learn are: the benefits of having a mentor, why you shouldn’t let hospital experience dictate your specialty and the importance of work-life balance. Get a glimpse at how five renowned medical professionals coped with years of hard training, learn what they would have done differently if they were given the chance and gain precious insights from their experiences to take with you throughout your career.

Click on the link below to watch the video.  We will continue to bring you fresh stories and insight chapters throughout the year.